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Meditations on Phyllo

“Phyllo and anxiety go hand in hand, ” says S., as he plunges his fork into a bountiful piece of spanakopita.  I am told by the other guests at our table that he is a very good cook, especially of … Continue reading

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Being Armenian at San Lazzaro Island, Venice

Every Armenian who sets foot in Venice knows that a visit to the San Lazzaro island is an obligation of national proportions.  If you go to Venice and don’t make it to San Lazzaro, you have committed what amounts to … Continue reading

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The French Wink

Forget the seductive smile which is sometimes extracted from the teeth of contempt or, worse, politeness. Forget the touch of fingertips, which comes when you least expect it, as the waiter is returning small change.Forget the stroke of the hair or … Continue reading

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Unfinished, gentle Paris

These words from S., a dear, dear old friend of decades-beyond-count– about leaving Paris: “And go gently in peace, but leave something unfinished, for your return.” On my last day, to the cinema at Quai de Seine, to see The … Continue reading

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Your favorite Truffaut scene

Dear Tamar, Today, I went to visit our dear friend Francois Truffaut at the Montmartre Cemetery.  It was a beautiful Boston-like day, the wind rustling through the trees and between the grave stones.  As I had promised you, I bought … Continue reading

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Grotowski on the considered life…

By a strange coincidence, this morning, I happened on Jerzy Grotowski, here in Paris on a dreary day.   In my youth, I had written a long study of the great Polish director, which was published in Beirut, in Armenian, … Continue reading

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The World Cup–in transit again

My last evening in Venice, and the weather is humid and hot.  We are at the DuChamp outdoor cafe in one of the most lively squares, the Santa Margarita.  Two television screens and scores of clients have the place to … Continue reading

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