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Two Figures on a Bench, in a Park, Tiflis, 1914.

This article by me was published today in Jadaliyya. Source: Two Figures on a Bench, in a Park, Tiflis, 1914

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33 Years Later: Memory and Violence in Literary Sabras and Shatilas

Originally posted on ArabLit & ArabLit Quarterly:
It’s now been thirty-three years since the Sabra and Shatila massacres in Lebanon’s Palestinian refugee camps. They continue to show up in novels, poems, and memoirs, seen from different vantages: Dia al-Azzawi’s “Sabra and…

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A Syrian writer’s eulogy for Seville…

~~The great Syrian writer Abd el-Salam al-Ujaili wrote “The Lanterns of Seville” in 1950’s as tribute and mourning.  Today, as Syria is cannibalized by external and internal forces, this gem of a story is as alive and resonant as it … Continue reading

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Orphaned passage…

~~If you were not the rain, my love, then be the tree Saturated and bountiful, be the tree. And if you were not the tree, my love, then be the stone Saturated and moist,  be the stone. And if you … Continue reading

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Sossi Madzounian: the Maine horizon

~~Occasionally, I post photographs from friends who are traveling in distant lands or who have evocative images close to home. In February 2014 I posted a collection of photographs from Sossi Madzounian, photographer and friend.  In those photographs, the accent … Continue reading

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