In Split, Croatia

~~My friend and colleague A.S. wrote today from Yerevan: “We all live for great food, great stories (to be encountered during our journeys anywhere), and great conversations,” all of which converge when we travel.

The story of the day for us here in Split was as improbable as it was typical, at least for me: We were looking for bubble wrap (try to explain that to a Croatian who does not know one word of English, and many people here don’t know English or French!) to wrap the vishné liquor and take it back to Boston via Paris. Well, we finally decided to make it to the local post to see if they could help us. The office was closed though their website said it was open today. Half an hour later, down the promenade, we looked ahead at the Adriatic and caught this poster. The postal workers were observing an anti-fascist day away from work. Good for them!

We don’t have bubble wrap but something else will do–which is another great gift of travel–how we learn to improvise, make do, cobble and wobble.

That’s a story, dear A.

[Photo: Tamar V. Salibian]

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Writing teacher at Boston University; translator (from Arabic and Armenian); prose writer; occasional editor; incurable wanderer.
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1 Response to In Split, Croatia

  1. Aukjen says:

    Great. An anti-fashist day off work.

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