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…feast of simple dishes from the Middle East region

Meditation on Apple Pie

The festivities have ended. The Christmas trees are gone, the decorations put away, the resolutions made and, most likely broken in secret.  But more than any of these things, we have begun our collective, national dessert-diss.  Those delectable things we … Continue reading

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Oh, Anthony Bourdain, your Venice is nothing like mine!

Over Christmas break, I heeded the urgings of the younger set and promised them to watch what I was told is one of the best travel programs on television: Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations.  Last night, Bourdain was in Venice, a … Continue reading

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From my Files: Watertown

[This essay appeared originally in the summer 1998 issue of Ararat.  Some of the material is dated. Some Watertown shops have changed (and changed hands or folded) since then.  Arax Market itself has moved to a bigger location which is only a … Continue reading

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Meditations on the pomegranate…

There it was, in the middle of the grocery store (a regular one, mind you, and not Whole Foods), with a huge sign announcing its discounted price, in one of these cardboard boxes with the fruits all stacked one on … Continue reading

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From my Files: Aleppo–sublime city of vernacular beauty

Note:  I wrote this article in 2005 after yet another visit to the northern Syrian city of Aleppo.  I tried unsuccessfully at first to place it with an US publication. In the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks, US … Continue reading

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Baked Apples for Thanksgiving

Note: I had posted this recipe earlier.  Several readers asked that I re-post it with a picture which shows the actual dessert in all its majesty.  I have included general, rule-of-thumb sort of measurements because there is nothing to measure … Continue reading

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Rx for the common cold: Lemon-egg chicken soup

This soup is the mother of all chicken soups.  On a late November evening, in the throes of a cold or anticipating one, you can rely it to bring you back to life. Nothing takes the place of this creamy, … Continue reading

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