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Reich’s inequality and its hollow recommendations…

Robert Reich’s Prescription Rings Hollow ~~Inequality for All, the Robert Reich film everyone is swooning over, is a disappointment disguised as a charming little flick for the chorus. It’s really a middle-of-the-road film in which no one is really held … Continue reading

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Short reviews: Reich’s inequality, Jenin’s gift, Berberian’s rant…

October is a busy time in our area–culturally, at least.  Here are four reviews of events which I saw:  Robert Reich’s film, Inequality for All; Jenin Freedom Theatre in a production of Athul Fugard’s The Island; Vahé Berberian from Los … Continue reading

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Roger Ebert is gone…

Roger Ebert has died. From 1967 to just two days ago,  Ebert was the dominant voice of film criticism, popular and elitist, for the “average” movie goer and for those who practice cinephilia, for print and television.  He was urbane … Continue reading

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Anatolia Night

More than half of Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s 157-minute-long film, Once Upon a Time in Anatolia (2011), takes place at night, in the merciless Anatolian landscape where a group of men, including the murder suspects, are looking for the body of … Continue reading

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A Separation–the big questions, light as a feather

Finally, I saw A Separation, the Iranian film which has generated so much praise and which is up for an Oscar in several categories. I say finally because I have been waiting for it since I first heard about it … Continue reading

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The Passing of Theo Angelopoulos

Late last night, while listening to Chopin, I heard of the death of the Greek film maker Theo Angelopoulos.  The final scene of this great director’s life could not have been more symbolic: a pedestrian hit by a moving machine  … Continue reading

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Twenty favorite films: Watching Caché, again

~~Winter is here, for sure.  Time to watch those favorite movies again, as the long nights spread their white blanket over us all.  And so I begin with one of my very favorites, Peter Haneke’s Caché–an unlikely candidate given its … Continue reading

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From my files: Ardavazt Peleshian, poet of montage

~~Ardavazt Peleshian, one of the giants of Soviet-era cinema, has been in the news recently.  Pietro Marcello’s “The Silence of Peleshian” was shown at this years Venice Biennale, which also screened Peleshian’s Seasons.  In March 2010, the Harvard Film Archives … Continue reading

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From my Files: Paradjanov’s Home of the Imagination

~~Over the years, I have penned some half a dozen pieces of writing about Sergei Paradjanov, the great Soviet-era film-maker, collage artist, and political trouble-maker and renegade. Below is a review I wrote for artsMedia, a Boston news magazine which … Continue reading

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Notes on Eric Friedler’s Aghét:From massacre to catastrophe to genocide

The equation of German documentary film-maker Eric Friedler’s  Aghét:Nation Murder is of two parts: aghét and genocide. Aghét (whose literal meaning is catastrophe) is the word  Armenians use for the what that was visited on their ancestors, proclaims the film. … Continue reading

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