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Meditations on the pomegranate…

There it was, in the middle of the grocery store (a regular one, mind you, and not Whole Foods), with a huge sign announcing its discounted price, in one of these cardboard boxes with the fruits all stacked one on … Continue reading

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The Decades of Carlos

It does not take much endurance to watch the five-and-half hours of Olivier Assayas’ uncut, original version of Carlos.  In fact, I watched every minute of it (well, almost every minute of it) with bated breath and alert eyes and … Continue reading

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Reading Elizabeth Bishop after the click…

  In Elizabeth Bishop’s gem of a poem, One Art, the refrain that knits the entire poem together is so simple as to fall below the radar screen: The art of losing is hard to master/It is not a disaster, … Continue reading

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“The American”–away, alone, amorous

Anton Corbijn’s The American may not be very popular at the box office, nor a particularly great film. But for all that it is not–and there’s a long list of negations on which this remarkable film rests so precariously– it is … Continue reading

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Twenty+ Best Films Ever, a very arbitrary list

A subjective and very biased list of films that have endured the passage of time, the transition to Netflix, and the ripeness of aging. Give me these  films (in no particular order), a cup of tea, and the company of  … Continue reading

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At MFA, Boston: Truffaut and Godard–the end of a friendship

Emmanuel Laurent’s Two in the Wave is the remarkable account of the troubled friendship of Francois Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard: the former the son of abandonment and poverty, the latter a descendant from a patrician family. That Truffaut, after the … Continue reading

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Unfinished, gentle Paris

These words from S., a dear, dear old friend of decades-beyond-count– about leaving Paris: “And go gently in peace, but leave something unfinished, for your return.” On my last day, to the cinema at Quai de Seine, to see The … Continue reading

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Your favorite Truffaut scene

Dear Tamar, Today, I went to visit our dear friend Francois Truffaut at the Montmartre Cemetery.  It was a beautiful Boston-like day, the wind rustling through the trees and between the grave stones.  As I had promised you, I bought … Continue reading

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