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Short reviews: Reich’s inequality, Jenin’s gift, Berberian’s rant…

October is a busy time in our area–culturally, at least.  Here are four reviews of events which I saw:  Robert Reich’s film, Inequality for All; Jenin Freedom Theatre in a production of Athul Fugard’s The Island; Vahé Berberian from Los … Continue reading

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Syria, Syria, nothing but Syria…

~~As the talk of attacking Syria intensifies, I am re-posting Darwish’s poem, “I Rememberal-Sayyab” which Darwish wrote on the eve of the Second Gulf War.  This translation appeared in the June 24 issue of the London Review of Books.~~ ~ … Continue reading

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In Memorium, Mahmoud Darwish: 1941-2008

~~Today–a rainy day in Boston– is the fifth anniversary of Mahmoud Darwish’s death.On this occasion, I am re-posting an excerpt from his Under Siege, which I co-translated.  This will be followed by a translation from Darwish by Fady Joudah, which … Continue reading

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Writing the Palestinian Nakba:Ghassan Zaqtan

All week this week, I am posting poems by Palestinian writers.  Today’s poem is by Ghassan Zaqtan.  It is translated by Fady Joudah, and it appeared in Jadaliyya.~~ Will They Believe   Will the children forgive the generation trampled by … Continue reading

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Writing the Palestinian Nakba: Azmi Bishara

~~Ever day, this week, I am posting writings from Palestine.  Today, it is an extract from Azmi Bishara’s Al-Hajez (The Checkpoint), which appeared in the Words Without Borders issue on Writing Palestine, which I co-edited with Tania Tamari Nasir.  The … Continue reading

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Writing the Palestinian Nakba: Fadwa Touqan

All week, during the week of the Nakba, I’ll be posting from Palestinian writers. Today’s is a poem by la grande dame of Palestinian poetry, Fadwa Touqan, translated by friends Christopher Millis and Tania Tamari Nasir. This translation appeared in … Continue reading

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Writers of the Palestinian Nakba: Ghassan Kanafani

~~All week, this week, I will be posting from Palestinian writers.  Yesterday, I posted two from Darwish. Today, an extract from the great Ghassan Kanafani~~ When Said S., who was approaching by car from the Jerusalem road, reached the outskirts … Continue reading

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May 15: The Palestinian Nakba at 65

May 15 is the day Palestinians and supporters of Palestinian rights to self-determination commemorate the Nakba, or Catastrophe which forced hundreds of thousands of the native population out of Mandatory Palestine.  Today, the Nakba is 65 years old.  On this … Continue reading

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A friendship for the world: the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra in Boston…

In the complicated universe of friendships, that of Edward Said and Daniel Barenboim holds a special place, and today, listening to the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra at Symphony Hall in Boston, the magnitude of that friendship–its endurance, and generosity–was what stayed … Continue reading

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Gaza returns…

Today’s Mondoweiss carried a beautiful, defiant excerpt from Mahmoud Darwish, Silence for Gaza, translated by Sinan Antoon and used with his permission.  The Arabic original is from Hayrat al-`A’id (The Returnee’s Perplexity), Riyad al-Rayyis, 2007: We do injustice when we … Continue reading

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