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Oshagan in English…

Gomidas Institute has announced the publication of a section from Hagop Oshagan’s novel, Մնացորդաց (Remnants).  The translation is by G.M.Goshgarian who won a PEN Translation Award for his work while it was still in manuscript form. The volume has an … Continue reading

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Mnatsortats in English–at last

Yes, that’s the most immediate and authentic response which a friend posted on FB:  “At last, at last,” he wrote.  Indeed, some eighty years after its writing, Hagop Oshagan’s Mnatsortats has seen the light of day in a magnificent translation … Continue reading

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Remembering Vahé Oshagan (1922- June 30, 2000)

~~Today marks the thirteenth anniversary of the death of the Western Armenian poet and literary critic Vahé Oshagan, perhaps the most radical, innovative poet of his generation. A native of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, an exile who turned the condition into the … Continue reading

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Commemorating Hagop Oshagan’s death (1883-1948)

~~The Armenian novelist and literary critic Hagop Oshagan died in Aleppo, Syria, sixty-five years ago today.  His shrine is in the Christian cemetery of the city, and a community landmark.  Oshagan had gone to Aleppo for a jubilee honoring his … Continue reading

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Michael Henry Heim

The news of Michael Henry Heim’s death and the disclosure that he was the anonymous donor of the PEN Translation Fund hit me like lightening, as though he were a friend I knew well.  I remember reading Heim’s translation of … Continue reading

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Hagop Oshagan (December 9, 1883-February 17, 1948)

  Մեր գրականութիւնը այն միակ գետինն է, աոայժմ, ուր մեզի ըլլայ ներելի գտնել մեր ժողովուրդը։ ~~ Յակոբ Օշական, Յամապատկեր, Թ. հատոր, էջ 324 Our literature is the sole terrain, for the time being, where we are allowed to find our people. … Continue reading

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From my files: Hagop Oshagan: December 9, 1883-February 17, 1948

The Armenian novelist, literary critic, dramatist, and historian of literature Hagop Oshagan (1883-1948) stands at the juncture where Western Armenian culture ends and that of the Armenian diaspora begins. His life and literary output straddle the rural world of his … Continue reading

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Secret threads…

~~When Araxi Astardjian Oshagan, my maternal grandmother, announced in that gentle but patrician voice of hers, that she was going to start learning English, it seemed an improbable project.  Our grandmother, the quintessential example of a woman who was growing … Continue reading

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