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Sandy arrives, King Lear wanders the suburbs

It always comes back to the sound of things.  Sandy arrived a few hours ago with the howl and grate of the wind, at first gentle and mercurial, then more assertive, and then ferocious in the way utter madness must … Continue reading

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The skies darken, Sandy is on her way…

Early this morning,  I ventured out to buy some “last minute provisions” for the coming hurricane, storm, calamity, natural disaster, apocalypse, all rolled into one.  From reading and watching the media, you’d think we were in Aleppo, or Kabul, or … Continue reading

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Goodnight, Irene…

You left, Mad Irene, with a lot of noise.  I was afraid you would slip away, shrivelled up, your tail between your legs, so to speak, but you did not.  For a while, in the early evening, things had died … Continue reading

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Mad Irene has come…

Mad Irene, you have arrived, with the wind in your hair, and tears in your eyes.  You are here, and in your fury you have broken at least two trees on our street, turning it into a site of minor … Continue reading

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