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From my Files: Central Square Post Office, Cambridge,MA

[This post was originally published in the “Boston Harbors” column of the January 2001 issue of arts/Media magazine, which has since ceased publication. This is a slightly revised version. Some of the information here may be dated, though.] On the … Continue reading

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From my Files: Approaching Castle Island, MA.

[This essay appeared in the “Boston Harbors” column of the April 2000 issue of artsMedia, an arts magazine which has since ceased publication. All photos are from Google images.] If approach is all, then getting to Castle Island is a … Continue reading

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The Decades of Carlos

It does not take much endurance to watch the five-and-half hours of Olivier Assayas’ uncut, original version of Carlos.  In fact, I watched every minute of it (well, almost every minute of it) with bated breath and alert eyes and … Continue reading

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Meditations on Phyllo

“Phyllo and anxiety go hand in hand, ” says S., as he plunges his fork into a bountiful piece of spanakopita.  I am told by the other guests at our table that he is a very good cook, especially of … Continue reading

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