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Vahé Oshagan: Tebi Gyank

Vahé Oshagan died on June 30, 2000.  On the anniversary of his final departure, here is a re-post of one of his best known poems, in translation. Դէպի Կեանք (Toward life) was completed in 1983 and published in 1991.  To … Continue reading

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A Syrian writer’s eulogy for Seville…

~~The great Syrian writer Abd el-Salam al-Ujaili wrote “The Lanterns of Seville” in 1950’s as tribute and mourning.  Today, as Syria is cannibalized by external and internal forces, this gem of a story is as alive and resonant as it … Continue reading

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In Memorium, Mahmoud Darwish: 1941-2008

~~Today–a rainy day in Boston– is the fifth anniversary of Mahmoud Darwish’s death.On this occasion, I am re-posting an excerpt from his Under Siege, which I co-translated.  This will be followed by a translation from Darwish by Fady Joudah, which … Continue reading

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Michael Henry Heim

The news of Michael Henry Heim’s death and the disclosure that he was the anonymous donor of the PEN Translation Fund hit me like lightening, as though he were a friend I knew well.  I remember reading Heim’s translation of … Continue reading

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From my files: Vahé Oshagan, Toward Life (Tebi Gyank)

Vahé Oshagan’s poem Դէպի Կեանք (Toward life) was completed in 1983 and published in 1991.  To my knowledge, the following is its first English language translation from the Armenian to be published separately anywhere. ~~~ TOWARD LIFE by Vahé Oshagan … Continue reading

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