From my Files: Songs from the Streets: A Charles Aznavour Story

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The article that follows was published (with different visuals) in August 1993, in Armenian International Magazine.  Warning: Some of the material here (related to Armenia) is woefully dated.  In the last 15 years since its publication, a great deal has changed in the political life of Armenians in Armenia and in the diaspora, while Charles Aznavour has continued his political and humanitarian work on behalf of Armenia, and in the arena of genocide recognition, Armenian-Turkish dialogue, and criminalization of genocide denial in France. In 2006, Aznavour was appointed Armenia’s ambassador to Switzerland, where he lives.

Close to 90 years old, Aznavour is on his 4-year farewell tour, which ends this year, we’re told.  Aznavour’s staying power, the range of his  “borrowings” from other musical cultures, his singing forays into languages other than French, his innumerable collaborations with other famous singers–all this is the stuff which makes for a multicultural…

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