Sossi Madzounian: the Maine horizon

~~Occasionally, I post photographs from friends who are traveling in distant lands or who have evocative images close to home. In February 2014 I posted a collection of photographs from Sossi Madzounian, photographer and friend.  In those photographs, the accent was on the architectural, the weave of perspective and light in California and Colorado.  In these new photographs, her material is the natural, in its torrential energy and unashamed starkness.  The setting is the New England shore–specifically Fort Williams National Park in Maine.  These photographs are equal to the jagged beauty of these shores, but they are more than that–stone, ocean and seagulls self-contained and breaking free at the same time, indifferent to our gaze yet so close we could touch them. Thank you, Sossi!~~11923254_10200767161058896_8313119247916157197_n







About Taline Voskeritchian

Writing teacher at Boston University; translator (from Arabic and Armenian); prose writer; occasional editor; incurable wanderer.
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